What to Expect

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First Visit

On your first visit to Well Within Chiropractic, Dr. Kate will sit down with you and go over your initial paperwork and discuss your current health concerns as well as find out more about you.  Dr. Kate wants to not only learn about your symptoms, but also about you!  By understanding what you like to do and what is important to you, Dr. Kate can focus on getting you back to doing the things you love.  Dr. Kate will then perform a thorough and comprehensive exam.   If deemed necessary, X-Rays will be taken.  After the consultation and examination Dr. Kate will determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.  If so, she will formulate a treatment plan that is specific to your health goals.

Second Visit

During the second visit, Dr. Kate will sit down with you and go over the findings from the initial visit.  She will go over your individualized treatment plan and answer any question you may have.  It is recommended that you follow the proposed treatment plan in order to see the best results.

Insurance and Payment Plans

We are in-network with many insurance companies.  In order to determine if we are in-network with your insurance company please either call our office or contact your insurance company directly.


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