9 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working in the Garden in Appleton WI

9 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working in the Garden in Appleton

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Whether it's the garden, mowing the lawn or just working around the yard, it's important to do it safely.  The last thing we want is to see you after a bout with pulling up weeds. Read this article from your local Appleton WI chiropractor to learn more.

Advice on How to Stay Healthy in Appleton WI

Let's take a look at a few things we can do to make growing tomatoes painless:

  • Stretch it out - Get yourself in the habit of going through a stretching routine before starting that yardwork. Treat it just as if you were going to be playing a sport and go in with your body loose and limber to reduce the potential for muscles pulls and back injuries.
  • After winter adjustment - If you know of an ongoing issue that has sat dormant, look to us for a chiropractic adjustment 'before' taking on that gardening project. Let's start healthy to end healthy.
  • Pace yourself - We understand looking at a garden full of weeds is the potential for longer, repetitive actions. Taking timely breaks is going to provide rest for your body, time to think about proper methods and help keep things in a healthy perspective.
  • Bend at the knees - We've heard it time and again, but it's never too late to be reminded of proper lifting techniques. Bending at the knees is going to naturally reduce the strain on your back.
  • Drink the proper fluids often - Take the time to plan for working conditions and heat. If you are looking to garden in hotter weather, stay away from large amounts of coffee/caffeine before and during your activity.  Also, water is your friend, so keep it close by.
  • Twist and Shout - This is the last thing we want to hear as you are in the midst of pulling weeds or planting. Take the time to ensure proper posture while gardening.  Try not to twist unnaturally during digging processes or while gardening.
  • We Repeat, Take a Break - Give yourself, and your body the proper amount of breaks during the course of your gardening fun. It may be a hobby for you, but that doesn't mean your body has to suffer.
  • Electric or Gas-Powered - When it comes to working those convenient yard machines, such as weed whippers, chain saws, and rototillers, let's continue to rotate our positions in order to stay away from potential injuries.
  • Finish Strong - Now that you've finished that outdoor fun, let's stretch again to ensure a safe completion of the day. If you have aggravated your back, then look to us for an early adjustment.  Addressing problems early and proper stretching before and after can keep you with a green thumb for a long time to come.

Dr. Kate Williams of Well Within Chiropractic can help keep you enjoying those summertime outdoor hobbies.  For a consultation, please contact our office today.


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